Celebrating International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day we're shining the spotlight on some inspirational women in our business.

Bianca Juresko, Senior Team Manager – Infrastructure

Bianca reflects on International Women's Day (IWD) by emphasising the theme of ‘Invest in Women’. With over 20 years of experience at Godfrey Hirst, she acknowledges the positive changes in the company's gender representation, particularly in the executive leadership team. While celebrating progress at her workplace, Bianca recognises the global disparities where many women still lack access to things that we take for granted.

Her proudest achievement revolves around being part of successful, collaborative teams at Godfrey Hirst. Bianca values shared success alongside respected and admired colleagues. To support gender equity in the workplace, she advocates for fair treatment, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity where all employees feel valued and supported.

Surrounded by inspirational women daily, Bianca highlights the lasting impact of her late mother-in-law, a gentle and intelligent soul who encouraged continuous learning and finding value in everyone. As a leader, Bianca prioritises creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, embracing and celebrating differences to propel the organisation forward as a diverse and modern entity.

“Working within an environment where everyone feels valued and heard is fundamental to me” – Bianca Juresko, Senior Team Manager – Infrastructure


Jane Fletcher, AU Chief Operating Officer

For Jane, International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the progress made towards gender equality. While Godfrey Hirst has achieved equal representation at the senior management level, Jane acknowledges the global challenge with women in leadership positions, especially in societies where basic rights are denied. Despite the need for a dedicated day, she emphasises the ongoing struggle for women's rights.

Jane's proudest achievement in her 29-year tenure at Godfrey Hirst is her contribution to reshaping the company's culture. She attributes Godfrey Hirst’s progress to a mindset valuing skill and dedication over gender, with cultural change supported at all management levels. Jane stresses the importance of embedding gender equity into the organisation's DNA through decision-making and policies.

Inspired by numerous talented women daily, Jane, as a leader, prioritises both employee well-being and the company's success, viewing them as interconnected goals. For her, leadership involves fostering a safe, nurturing environment while driving business growth.

“Everyone deserves the right to work in a safe and nurturing environment” – Jane Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer


Renee Smith, Chief Marketing Officer

To Renee, IWD is a moment to express gratitude for the impact and inspiration these women bring to diverse aspects of her world. In a career marked by milestones, Renee’s proudest achievement is reaching the 10-year mark with an iconic Australian brand. This brand not only resonates with Australian women but has also empowered a generation of young women to embrace their true selves.

When it comes to supporting gender equity in the workplace, Renee advocates for lending a helping hand irrespective of gender, emphasising the importance of supporting colleagues in various aspects of work. 

Reflecting on the women who inspire her daily, Renee mentions her friends, nurturing mothers, supportive partners, powerful entrepreneurs, astrologers, gardeners, growers, interior designers and musicians. As a leader, Renee talks to the importance of fostering a strong leadership team, empowering her colleagues to be their very best and producing the best marketing in market!

“IWD is an opportunity to celebrate women from all areas in your life. To acknowledge them and be thankful for who they are, how they show up and the impact and/or inspiration they have on you” – Renee Smith, Chief Marketing Officer


Lisa Norton, NZ Chief Operating Officer

IWD carries profound meaning for Lisa, symbolizing the celebration of women's contributions in various aspects of life.

Lisa's proudest career achievement revolves around transforming a disengaged team into one that thrives on positivity and consistently delivers for the business. Through her leadership, the team's culture underwent a remarkable improvement, reflected in an external engagement survey that soared from 67% to an impressive 90%. Her commitment to fostering engagement, development, and effective leadership created an environment where individuals felt empowered to make a difference.

When it comes to supporting gender equity in the workplace, Lisa advocates for increasing the presence of women in manufacturing leadership, particularly in engineering and mechanical roles. In Lisa's everyday life, she draws inspiration from Deena Clarkson, CEO of CODA Group, not just for her outstanding business leadership but also for her approachability and authentic care. Deena's transformative impact on businesses and the mentorship she provides to numerous women resonates deeply with Lisa.

As a leader, Lisa emphasizes the importance of being consistent, calm, and curious - qualities that contribute to treating everyone fairly, creating a sense of safety, and expressing genuine passion for people and their endeavours. Through Lisa's perspective, International Women's Day stands as a pivotal moment to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, stories, and potential of women worldwide.

"International Women's Day offers a platform for women to share their many achievements and stories from the year that was." - Lisa Norton, NZ Chief Operating Officer


Authored date: 05/03/2024