Proudly Carbon Neutral

To Carbon Neutral and Beyond

Through support of two key offsetting projects – a 100+ year reforestation mission in Western Australia, and a renewable energy hydropower plant in China – we’ve offset over 17,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions to reach this point in our sustainability journey. But our efforts continue. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact in line with the Paris Agreement, and beyond, across all new product development at our Australian facilities.

Proudly Carbon Neutral

Taking real climate action means voluntarily going above and beyond current regulations to achieve net zero carbon emissions. As a part of the largest carpet manufacturer in Australia, at Redbook we do. That’s why we’ve proudly achieved Climate Active Carbon Neutral organisation status.

Carbon Neutral certification

Reducing Our Footprint

Attributed to investing in new technology and updating processes, we have greatly reduced our environmental footprint across our local Australian manufacturing facilities. With new initiatives underway, we are determined to keep improving.