We love all our carpets and know we shouldn’t have favourites… but with superior built-in stain resistance, easy maintenance, protection from pet mishaps, durability and softness, Redbook Green triexta is the top performer across the board.

Redbook Green triexta combines innovative carpet manufacturing with breakthrough Sorona® polymer. The Sorona® polymer used to make Redbook Green triexta carpets contains 37 percent annually renewable plantbased ingredients, placing less reliance on non-renewable resources. It also generates less greenhouse gases in production than nylon*.


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Our most pet friendly carpet ever!

Here in Australia, we love our furry friends! With so many pets playing a big role in our daily lives, one of the biggest considerations for pet-owners is finding the right flooring. Created with pets in mind, Redbook Green triexta carpet makes it simple for your family to enjoy life as it happens, even when things get messy!
  • Built-in stain resistance that doesn’t allow pet mishaps to penetrate the fibre
  • Extra durable spring like molecular fibre structure so you can let your pet play all day without a worry
  • More individual filaments per fibre creating a super soft foundation for your pets to lounge on
  • Easy to clean with just water With Redbook Green triexta carpet in your home, every room is ready for your family to create life long memories with your pets.


Built-in stain resistance

Redbook Green carpets have permanent stain resistance built into the core of each triexta fibre that will never wear or wash off (compared to regular carpets that have a topical stain protection treatment). Water is all you need to remove tough stains like red wine, tomato sauce and pet mishaps. This is thanks to the breakthrough Redbook Green triexta carpet fibres that are negatively charged, naturally repelling spills to prevent stains. Put simply, staining can occur on regular carpets when a spill bonds to the fibre. But Redbook Green triexta carpets have no dye sites, preventing spills from adhering and becoming stains. Spills sit on the outside of the fibre where they can be easily washed away with just water.


Healthier Carpet™

  • Manufactured locally in Australia in part from renewable plant-based ingredients
  • No topical treatment is needed
  • Chemical free cleaning with just water
  • 30% less energy required to produce the polymer used in triexta carpets^
  • 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions released during production of the polymer used in triexta carpets^
  • Healthier carpet™ with Red List Free certification


* Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of Sorona® are 63% lower than nylon 6 and 56% lower than nylon 6,6 (CISO standard 14040). Sorona® contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight.
^Compared to nylon 6.