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Honouring our commitment to reduce our environmental impact

Drawing on over 150 years of manufacturing, backed by a strong heritage, we proudly operate four carpet manufacturing facilities,

three yarn processing facilities, 10 distribution centres, and 14 sales offices across Australia and New Zealand where we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through careful and responsible resource management and the continued investment in new technology to improve our processes.

First Australian Carpet Manufacturer to achieve Climate Active Carbon Neutral Organisation Status

Taking real climate action as an organisation means voluntarily going above and beyond current regulations to achieve net zero carbon emissions. At Redbook Carpets, we do. Redbook Carpets is a brand of Godfrey Hirst that has achieved Climate Active Carbon Neutral organisation status and is proud to be the first Australian carpet manufacturer to do so.[1]

By working with leading international organisations like South Pole to acquire carbon offsets from validated projects, our Australian organisation are now carbon neutral.1 Redbook Carpets is a brand of Godfrey Hirst that first achieved Climate Active carbon neutral organisation status in 2020 and was the first Australian carpet manufacturer to do so. We’re committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency projects and the use of renewable power sources like solar. Learn more about these efforts and the carbon offsetting projects we have supported to date below:

Learn more about Carbon Neutral Organisation

[1] Redbook Carpets is a brand of Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd which is a ‘carbon neutral’ organisation. This means that those entities purchase and voluntarily retire carbon offsets equivalent to their annual carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources within their organisational boundary. For Australia, organisational GHG emissions are accounted for, and carbon neutral status is certified, in accordance with the requirements of Climate Active.